Logan Energy provides electrolyzer at Cambridgeshire wastewater treatment plant

An electrolyser is being supplied and installed by Logan Energy at a wastewater treatment facility in Cambridgeshire.

Logan Energy, a leader in hydrogen technology, has been selected to play a pivotal part in a groundbreaking project aimed at reducing the carbon emissions linked to wastewater treatment operations. This is regarded as an industry first.

As part of a project spearheaded by Anglian Water, the largest water operator in terms of geographic scope in England and Wales, Logan Energy, located in East Lothian, will supply and construct an electrolyser at a wastewater treatment facility in Cambridgeshire.

Logan Energy was chosen to take part, according to Anglian Water, because of their reputation for providing support for cutting-edge energy projects and their capacity to install as well as supply the type of electrolyser that fits the projects’ needs.

The Triple Carbon Reduction project, directed by Anglian Water, intends to create and demonstrate an innovative integrated solution as part of the Ofwat Water Breakthrough Challenge. The idea is to look into the creation of hydrogen and oxygen using treated wastewater and an electrolyzer.

The oxygen will then be utilized in a cutting-edge wastewater treatment method called the Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor (MABR), which aims to reduce the emission of nitrous oxide, a greenhouse pollutant.

The hydrogen might be put to a variety of uses, including fuel cells, the replacement of diesel generators, and local transportation. Additionally, by looking at the use of treated wastewater, the project hopes to address resource recovery without increasing the demand on drinking water supplies or jeopardizing the water’s ability to withstand climate change. The undertaking will last through June 24.

If effective, the approach might be used on a greater scale and more broadly, which would have effects on the entire industry.