Longi explores India’s green hydrogen market

With the introduction of its green hydrogen solutions, Longi, which has shipped more than 7 GW of monocrystalline solar panels to India, hopes to complete the country’s green energy ecosystem.

To supply its electrolyzers, the company is already in discussions with developers in India. Additionally, it will train and supervise the commissioning of hydrogen project EPC partners.

Longi introduced its alkaline water electrolyzer, which is a significant milestone and a crucial step toward becoming a global leader in hydrogen technology. Longi continues to invest extensively in R&D and innovation. Longi electrolyzers are capable of producing 1,000 Nm3/h of hydrogen, and they have already supplied a 4,000 Nm3/h hydrogen production system for the largest green hydrogen project in the world. The device has a service life of more than 200,000 hours. Automatic and unsupervised operation is made possible by the distributed I/O control system.

By the end of 2022, Longi will have 1.5 GW of manufacturing capacity for electrolyzers, and to fulfill market demand, the firm is anticipated to grow to 5–10 GW by 2025.

By the end of the year, Longi hopes to launch a new solar module product. “We think that any new product that is released onto the market needs to last for a long time. Therefore, we are developing a new product that, according to Pradeep Kumar, managing director of Longi Solar India, will outperform nearly all currently used technologies in terms of efficiency, degradation, and bifaciality.

In 2021, Longi will launch its Hi-MO 5 bifacial and mono-facial modules to the Indian market. Last year, the company sold 3.8 GW of modules, of which bifacial modules made up 85% of the total. In the three months before to the application of basic customs charge, from January to March of this year, it exported 1.6 GW of modules. Bifacial products made up more than 95% of these sales.