LONGi to supply its modules for Lyari General Hospital solar project in Pakistan


LONGi Solar has been selected as the module supplier for Karachi Lyari Hospital’s 790kW solar project. 

Power outages, including extended power cuts, are common across Pakistan; hospitals are therefore investing in expensive inverters and DG backups.

But these so-called solutions present their own problems in terms of smoke and waste they generate, which are both a health risk and a major contributor to air pollution, making fossil-fuel-based energy-generating solutions both expensive and risky.

Irrespective of the types of systems that hospitals may have in place, the best way to ensure constant clean power is to have a reliable, long-term, solar-generating unit that is installed, operated and ideally located within the hospital compound.

With this in mind, Karachi’s Lyari Hospital has decided to set up a 789.36 kW solar project within its premises and has contracted with Ningbo Green Light Energy, which specializes in domestic and international household and large-scale solar thermal and PV projects, to set up this project.

The decision of Lyari Hospital to adopt solar solutions is a step in the right direction and will not only help to reduce the carbon footprint, but also reduce the cost of electricity.

The foundation has been laid and, according to Ningbo, 50 kWp of the project has already been completed. When fully operational, the entire plant is estimated to produce 1,223,000 units of electricity per year, resulting in a reduction of 346 tons of CO2 per year. The Lyari Hospital would be able to save approximately 80 percent of its electricity bill by switching to this solar project.

LONGi was the preferred partner for the project, given its extensive experience of working in Pakistan across a range of solar projects–utilities, grid-connected rooftops and solar-powered water pumps.

Nedim Husomanovic

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