Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma urged to file HALO Hydrogen Hub application

The Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs Program, funded by the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, has urged the HALO Hydrogen Hub to file a Full Application. This was announced by the governors of Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma, John Bel Edwards, Asa Hutchinson, and J. Kevin Stitt (IIJA).

In order to compete for financing specified in IIJA, the three governors established the HALO Hub in March 2022, a three-state alliance between Arkansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma that is bipartisan.

The program will give DOE up to $7 billion to build six to ten regional clean hydrogen demonstration hubs that will show how to produce, process, deliver, store, and consume clean hydrogen. The ultimate objective of DOE is to establish a network of nearby clean hydrogen producers, potential consumers, and connective infrastructure that eventually intersects and is self-sustaining once DOE grants expire.

There are two steps to the DOE application process, the first of which was a broad concept pitch that was due to DOE in early November. The DOE urged the HALO Hub to reach the second phase by submitting a Full Application to receive up to $1.25 billion in federal financing following an impartial evaluation of the several broad ideas.

In order to illustrate the three-state coalition’s resources along the entire value chain, from feedstock to manufacturing, transportation and distribution, storage, and end-use, the HALO Hub is now working on a Full Application. Full Applications must be submitted by April 7, 2023. In the fall of 2023, DOE is anticipated to notify grant recipients.