LuftCar to develop fuel cell–battery hybrid propulsion HYDROB

To compete in the eVTOL industry, LuftCar is creating HYDROB, a hydrogen fuel cell–battery hybrid propulsion system.

If you have a vehicle with a GVW of up to 8500 pounds, HYDROB will provide enough vertical thrust to tow it for up to 500 kilometers.

LuftCar will serve as a systems integrator alongside Bosch Aviation and a few other automotive fuel cell firms to create the propulsion system. The research and development for this new technology will take place in the United States, however exactly where is still a secret. The battery’s chemistry and fuel cell type are still being kept secret. Power and energy densities will both be exceptionally high.

It is anticipated that HYDROB will be portable and small enough to fit in airplane fuselages. On-board hydrogen, either liquid or gaseous, can be used by the propulsion system.

HYDROB will be developed and marketed by LuftCar for use by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the emerging vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) market. Hydrogen will be in high demand thanks to HYDROB, which will hasten its acceptance as a primary fuel carrier for the expanding regional air mobility sector.