magniX enters into hydrogen fuel cell development

magniX, revealed intentions to create hydrogen fuel cells to go along with its battery- and hybrid-powered systems.

The business will start creating hydrogen propulsion systems for its market-leading electric propulsion units (EPUs). MagniX EPUs may be powered by any electric power source because they are electron agnostic, making them the only electric propulsion system in the 350kw to megawatt-class to have been flight-tested.

As a potential alternative to fossil fuels, hydrogen has garnered a lot of attention. Similar to batteries, hydrogen emits no carbon dioxide and will lessen the environmental impact of flight. Due to its high energy density, hydrogen can power electric planes with a capacity of 50 to 90 passengers. With this technology available alongside battery and hybrid electric systems, which will still be more suited to powering smaller aircraft, magniX will be able to provide fleet operators moving to carbon-free fleets with a larger selection of electric solutions.

Nuno Taborda, CEO of magniX, stated that a variety of solutions will be needed for the future of sustainable flying. “In order to enhance hydrogen fuel cell technology and increase the number of airplanes we can power, we are adding our experience and knowledge to the project. magniX, a company driven by enthusiasm and innovation, is paving the way into the future.”

Riona Armesmith, Chief Technology Officer at magniX, remarked, “Just as magniX has led the world in electric propulsion, now we have the possibility to lead again in the development of hydrogen technology.” “The advent of the era of carbon-free aviation could be significantly aided by this technology. It will help us better serve the electric aerospace market, addressing the needs of the environment and our customers, by enhancing our current battery electric and hybrid electric initiatives.”

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