Mallawa to build hydrogen fuel cell buses near Chennai

Mallawa Ventures is planning to build a facility near Chennai, Tamil Nadu, to produce hydrogen fuel cell buses.

Company officials have announced plans to build a hydrogen plant and bus manufacturing facility in the Chennai area. Roughly one hundred units per month might be produced at the proposed plant. Over the following eight years, the corporation intends to invest a total of about Rs 8,000 crore.

Locating a suitable location for the projected manufacturing near Chennai is under underway, and the company hopes to release its first experimental product within the next nine to twelve months. For its buses to have enough fuel, Mallawa Ventures has teamed up with a Texas firm to build a hydrogen factory.

In 18–24 months, once construction has begun, the project will be ready to go with a 60-ton capacity. Costing between 300 and 400 billion rupees, this unit represents a significant financial commitment.