Marine Power Systems and Marine2o will collaborate to develop integrated solutions to assist the production of green hydrogen, which will be transported to market via marine boats.

This initial collaboration will help pave the way for the deployment of MPS’ revolutionary offshore wind and wave energy capture devices to generate green hydrogen in the UK and other markets.

Although the hydrogen market is firmly established, more than 98 percent of hydrogen is sourced from fossil sources. Hydrogen may be produced using renewable energy by electrolysis of water and has the potential to directly displace fossil fuels while also creating new demand for difficult-to-electrify systems such as residential heating and industrial processes.

Today, mature marine transport infrastructure exists in close proximity to energy-intensive demand centers. Combining low-cost, environmentally friendly hydrogen with marine distribution to end users has the added benefit of rapidly delivering this transformative energy source to clients without requiring the installation of intrusive, expensive transmission systems or upgrading the existing gas network where hydrogen is not suitable.

Marine2o, a subsidiary of the Gluon Group based in London, gathered together key leaders from the marine finance and engineering industries to develop marine refueling solutions for the future hydrogen economy. Marine2o’s initial focus will be on urban waterways, such as vessels operating along the Thames, before expanding to other sectors of the marine economy in which they sought collaboration with Marine Power Systems. Marine Power System’s game-changing floating wind and wave technology will be critical in Marine2o’s efforts to decarbonize ports and urban waterways throughout the United Kingdom and abroad.

Marine Power Systems has developed a flexible floating technology that is the first solution of its kind that can harness wind and wave energy in conjunction or independently. Stability and load bearing capability are unsurpassed in class, providing a great floating basis for a range of offshore systems, including electrolysis, water purification, and hydrogen storage equipment. MPS has patented this approach.

Floating offshore energy is a huge untapped source of renewable energy on a worldwide scale. While fixed bottom wind turbines have been used to collect offshore winds in shallow waters, wind and wave energy in deep water remain mostly unexplored and provide superior energy resources.

Offshore wind and wave energy is a good source of energy for green hydrogen production, particularly in distant places or islands that rely on expensive, polluting hydrocarbon fuels for electricity generation. Combining floating turbines and wave energy converters, as well as green hydrogen generation, storage, and offloading, will enable the manufacture of extremely low-cost green hydrogen.

“Marine Power Systems are very pleased to be working with Marine2o to accelerate the growth of zero-carbon hydrogen” says Martin Carruth, Commercial Director of Marine Power Systems. “Floating renewables presents a unique opportunity to transform green hydrogen production and this first collaboration will help exploit that opportunity. The recent INTOG report is very welcome and provides a route to market in the UK for MPS’s devices to produce green hydrogen. Together with Marine2o’s knowledge and expertise in maritime logistics, we’ve created an exciting proposition to accelerate hydrocarbon-based hydrogen replacement with green hydrogen and bring it to a wide market without the need for expensive new or modified gas transmission infrastructure.”

“Marine2o has always had the passion to use the maritime sector to distribute green hydrogen and drive energy system decarbonisation” says Marine2o Managing Director, Tim Munn. “Producing green hydrogen requires substantial amounts of renewable energy. Working alongside Marine Power Systems provides us the opportunity to produce the green hydrogen at sea and transport into ports and urban water ways. I am delighted to join with Marine Power Systems on our journey to provide carbon free infrastructure”

Nedim Husomanovic

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