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According to Jitendra Singh, India’s minister of science and technology, India has the potential to become a worldwide green hydrogen powerhouse in the near future. Hydrogen as a fuel option is gaining popularity as a replacement for not just fossil fuels but also electric powertrains.

The union minister stated that undivided energy should be devoted to achieve the goal of reducing emissions. “Green hydrogen will not only help us cut emissions, but it will also aid India across numerous verticals, aligning with Prime Minister Modi’s vision of our country becoming self-sufficient,” the statement continued.

He further stated that it is past time for everyone to work together to make India a Green Hydrogen Hub. “We have the capability and capacity to provide clean hydrogen energy for the globe; now is the right time to act and build a world worth thriving in,” the minister continued.

This portal, according to the minister, will serve as a one-stop shop for information on hydrogen research, production, storage, transit, and applications across the country. It’s part of the government of India’s hydrogen policy.

By 2030, the government wants to use non-fossil fuels 40 percent of the time. It intends to make a substantial contribution to improving the country’s existing status and building a green hydrogen ecosystem to enable the transition to responsible living easier.

Even though electric vehicles are still in their infancy in India, they are attracting considerable interest. However, the country’s adoption of green hydrogen fuel-powered vehicles is still around zero. In India, automakers have yet to introduce hydrogen fuel cell vehicles that are totally emission-free. The main reason for this is the expensive development costs, which would raise the vehicle procurement costs. Producing hydrogen energy is also an expensive endeavor.

Lowering the cost of green hydrogen from $2 per kilogram could be a game-changer for India.

RIL chairman Mukesh Ambani’s pledge to reduce the price of green hydrogen to less than $2 per kilogram by 2030 would contribute to India’s green hydrogen initiative.

India has established an energy security strategy to increase the supply of green hydrogen. The country will shortly begin to solicit bids for 4 GW of electrolyzer capacity. In the backdrop of India’s new Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who made a major speech regarding the country’s hydrogen program on India’s Independence Day, the country’s hydrogen mission has already begun.

“Efforts are on globally to make Green Hydrogen most affordable fuel option by bringing down its cost to initially under $2 per kg. Let me assure you all that Reliance will aggressively pursue this target and achieve it well before the turn of this decade,” Ambani said.

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