MHI and EGAT sign MoU on hydrogen in Thailand

In order to help the country reach carbon neutrality by 2050, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Thailand’s largest power producer Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to study and exchange information about clean power generation, hydrogen, and carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) technologies.

MHI and Mitsubishi Power, its power solutions brand, will exchange knowledge and experiences with EGAT over the course of the following three years. In order to advance cleaner power generation in Thailand, this might also entail an interchange of engineers who can share experiences and technological know-how.

The cooperation has Mr. Ryo Takubo’s full support, who is the president and managing director of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (Thailand): For more than 50 years, MHI Group has been a key player in Thailand’s dynamic energy growth story.

“Going forward, we will continue to offer our expertise in CCUS technologies that are essential for reducing emissions and world-class gas turbines that are being developed to co-fire cleaner fuels like hydrogen and ammonia. It is a privilege to work in partnership with EGAT to combine our knowledge and rich expertise in order to open up new possibilities and hasten Thailand’s decarbonization.

The importance of the partnership was reiterated by Mr. Thidade Eiamsai, Deputy Governor of Power Plant Development and Renewable Energy, EGAT: Over the past few decades, we have developed a trustworthy relationship with Mitsubishi Power, and we are confident that this agreement will bring together our technological know-how and comprehension of regional needs to facilitate Thailand’s energy transition in accordance with the National Energy Plan.

“We appreciate Mitsubishi Fuel’s cooperation and are eager to work with them to power Thailand’s energy sector in the future.”

The arrangement broadens the established alliance between EGAT, Mitsubishi Power, and MHI. In 1968, Mitsubishi Power and EGAT built the Queen Sirikit Dam, marking the beginning of their activities in Thailand.

Since then, Mitsubishi Power has met EGAT’s diverse needs by providing many of its market-leading goods and services, helping to fund important energy projects all around the nation like the South Bangkok Power Plant, Nam Phong Power Plant, and Wang Noi Power Plant.

EGAT Diamond Service (EDS), a joint venture between Mitsubishi Power and EGAT, was established in 2009 with the goal of providing reliable gas turbine services and fostering regional engineering talent. EDS provides dependable and effective operations in the area’s transition to greener power generation while serving both domestic and foreign clients.

MHI, Mitsubishi Power, and EGAT hope that this alliance will help Thailand achieve its targets of carbon neutrality by 2050, net zero emissions by 2065, and a 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from anticipated levels by 2030.

Thailand’s switch from coal to natural gas to enable the steady transition of the nation towards net-zero emissions has been greatly aided by MHI and Mitsubishi Power. Over 25GW, or well over 50% of the nation’s current power generation capacity, is the total installed capacity of Mitsubishi Power’s past projects, not counting power plants that are now under development.