MHI invests in Starfire Energy to accelerate energy transition

Image: MHI

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) has invested in Starfire Energy, a Denver, Colorado-based manufacturer of modular chemical plants for the manufacture of green ammonia and hydrogen using proprietary catalyst technology.

The collaboration will be used to accelerate the growth of commercial-scale technologies to decarbonize ammonia supply and realize its promise as a zero-carbon energy carrier. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America, made the investment, joining a group of partners that includes AP Ventures, Chevron Technology Ventures, New Energy Technologies, and Osaka Gas USA.

Starfire Energy’s ‘Rapid Ramp NH3’ ammonia synthesis technology uses only renewable energy, air, and water as inputs to generate zero carbon ammonia. The modular approach is designed to bind directly to renewable energy generation, resulting in a flexible, distributed supply of zero-carbon ammonia. The company has also created the Prometheus Carbon-free Fire, a device that converts ammonia into hydrogen, allowing for efficient green hydrogen storage and transportation.

Starfire’s systems will provide carbon-free fuel to power utility gas turbines, large-scale ships, and process heat for industries such as steel, cement, and fuel cell vehicles. The modular systems are mass manufactured and installed on-site to ensure optimum dependability and efficiency while maintaining low and repeatable costs. Through this investment, both businesses will be able to improve and diversify the ammonia and hydrogen supply chain.

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