Microsoft and C4IR Ocean join forces to improve ocean health


The Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Ocean (C4IR Ocean) has now secured a cooperation agreement with Microsoft to build technology-based solutions for improving ocean health.

Behind the C4IR Ocean, which is part of a global network of 10 Centers for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (C4IR), is Aker and the World Economic Forum. The network works to create projects that enable important societal tasks to be solved by technology and digitization.

We want to step up the use of technology to ensure future value creation. Whoever manages to exploit the potential that lies in new technology is tomorrow’s winner, this also applies to countries. We are pleased that Microsoft wants to join forces with us in this first thematic center in the C4IR network. We have no time to lose in the fight for a healthier ocean.

Børge Brende, board member of C4IR Ocean, CEO of the World Economic Forum.

The ambition with the C4IR Ocean center is to establish a results-oriented collaboration arena for private and public players with the capacity and competency to make a difference in the work towards ensuring that resources in the oceans are managed responsibly and sustainably. Together we must act quickly. We are pleased to have Microsoft on the team as one of the world’s leading technology experts with a global reach. The fact that Microsoft is stepping in as a co-founding partner of C4IR Ocean in Norway gives the center resources and adds weight and impact in its work for a healthy and productive ocean.”

Øyvind Eriksen, CEO of Aker.

We are only as healthy as our ocean. It is critical to ensuring the planet doesn’t warm more than 1.5 degrees and ensuring economic security around the world. But climate change, pollution, and over exploitation of marine systems are putting our ocean in jeopardy. Microsoft and C4IR Ocean share a vision for ocean health and how to best use data and technology to achieve it. We’re proud to be the first corporate partner, outside the Aker group, of this important initiative and look forward to working together to ensure our ocean is healthy.

Lucas Joppa, Microsoft chief environmental officer

The flagship project of C4IR Ocean is the creation of an ocean data network that will be launched at the Summit on Sustainable Development of the World Economic Forum. The ocean data platform frees up ocean data and makes it more available to scientists, decision-makers and developers, who have access to a wide variety of large-scale data sources.

Data from 220,000 marine research cruises since 1890 has been uploaded in the last six months. Based on Cognite Data Fusion technology, the ocean data platform allows the time it takes to collect this information to be reduced from days and hours to seconds.

We want to be the largest, most inviting hub for computer-driven solutions for the ocean and contribute to reduced emissions, plastic waste and overfishing. To do this, we need the biggest players on the team early on. We are already working with several committed partners in industry, science, conservation and government. I am impressed with the work Microsoft is doing on sustainability, and it is motivating to team up with the best to ensure a healthy and productive ocean. We have found the right partner in Microsoft to realize the power of sharing data through cloud technology, data analysis and machine learning to build smart solutions for the ocean.

Bjørn Tore Markussen, CEO of C4IR Ocean.

It is inspiring to see that C4IR Ocean uses the large knowledge base we in the panel have presented. We look forward to collaborating on the role of new technologies in finding sustainable solutions for the Ocean after the Heads of State and Government present their recommendations on 3 December.

Vidar Helgesen, leads the Ocean Panel’s work for the Prime Minister.

During the launch of Microsoft’s water sustainability strategy, the collaboration between C4IR Ocean and Microsoft was revealed. By 2030, the organization has set itself the target of being carbon free and zero waste and they want to take responsibility for their water footprint while helping others do the same.

We are proud to be one of the organizations working with C4IR Ocean on their open ocean data platform. This global, open-source platform gives researchers, app developers and marine planners access to both historical and real-time data so they can develop solutions to improve ocean health. It is clear that this is important for a shipping nation like Norway and we in Microsoft Norway are proud to be part of this important journey.”

Kimberly Lein-Mathisen, CEO of Microsoft Norway.
Nedim Husomanovic

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