Miele and Salzgitter partner on green steel production

The Miele Group relies on Salzgitter “green steel” to minimize its carbon footprint. Thus, as part of Salzgitter AG’s partnering program, Miele and Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH have now signed a letter of intent to secure a specific amount of green steel for Miele.

This steel will be produced beginning at the end of 2025 as part of SALCOS – Salzgitter Low CO 2 Steelmaking, and it should be delivered.

Similar partnership arrangements have been reached by the Salzgitter Group with other businesses from a variety of industries, including the auto industry, cold rolling mills, and home appliance producers.

The G├╝tersloh-based household appliance company has already started implementing low-CO2 steel, which is used in stoves and ovens. Through the utilization of green energy sources and recycled steel, this material’s manufacturing process reduces CO2 emissions by more than 66 percent. As a result, Miele is taking a significant step toward realizing its ambitious sustainability objectives while also making a start in the effort to further reduce emissions in the field of goods and services that are acquired.

Future steel production might replace all of the carbon that was previously needed with hydrogen and electricity generated from renewable sources, cutting CO2 emissions by almost 95%.

With its transformation program SALCOS – SA lzgitter Low CO 2 Steelmaking, whose main components are hydrogen and renewable electricity, Salzgitter is attempting to achieve this challenging aim. Both are meant to take the place of the coal that is currently utilized in the traditional blast furnace process.

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