Mingyang Smart Energy creates world’s largest electrolyzer

The largest alkaline electrolysis device for producing hydrogen is believed to have been created and constructed by Chinese renewable energy solutions supplier Mingyang Smart Energy.

The new technology, according to the manufacturer, can integrate with unstable renewable energy sources and produce hydrogen at a capacity of 1500–2500Nm3/h with one button, unattended operations.

Additionally, the electrolyzer of the system is 50% shorter than that of comparable products with the same capacity, which reduces the loss of hydrogen production.

According to Mingyang, large-scale applications can cut the system investment cost per unit capacity by an additional 30%, bringing green hydrogen prices closer to parity.

“Power-to-X/green hydrogen is seen as an essential component of the global energy transition with significant potential to decarbonize industrial, transportation, and heating operations. Alkaline electrolysis technology developed by Mingyang offers a strong basis for integrated energy solutions and will hasten the development of scale-up green hydrogen applications by leveraging years of research and innovation.

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