MITNETZ GAS and MoviaTec cooperate on hydrogen filling stations


Mitteldeutsche Netzgesellschaft Gas (MITNETZ GAS), Kabelsketal, and MoviaTec GmbH, Leipzig, intend to cooperate in the construction and operation of hydrogen filling stations throughout Germany in the future.

The two companies have concluded a cooperation agreement to this end.

MITNETZ GAS is a subsidiary of MITGAS Mitteldeutsche Gasversorgung GmbH.
As an operator of gas networks with a total length of around 7,000 kilometers in parts of the German states of Brandenburg, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia, the company is familiar with the needs of network customers and will contribute this know-how to the joint development of a hydrogen filling station network throughout Germany.

MITNETZ GAS has been committed to the climate-friendly energy carrier hydrogen for years. As part of the hydrogen project “HYPOS: H2-Netz”, the distribution network operator is currently testing the transport, distribution and use of hydrogen at the Bitterfeld-Wolfen industrial park. Initial results have already demonstrated the hydrogen suitability of certain materials. The company has also conducted a study on the suitability of its own gas network for hydrogen. This certifies that the distribution network operator’s gas network is already 100 percent suitable for the use of hydrogen.

MoviaTec, a subsidiary of ONTRAS Gastransport GmbH, is a service provider for gas-based tank infrastructures and makes them available to third parties for the distribution of fuels. The company thus makes an important contribution to CO2-neutral mobility. MoviaTec designs, plans, builds or takes over gas-based tank facilities for the alternative fuels hydrogen, CNG and LNG.

The business idea of the Central German hydrogen tandem is as follows: MITNETZ GAS approaches interested parties for hydrogen mobility solutions and looks for locations and customers for hydrogen filling stations. MoviaTec plans and builds the filling stations and provides the connection to the infrastructure. MITNETZ GAS will take over the operational management of the completed facilities. The focus of the cooperation is on the municipal sector.

“Hydrogen trucks will achieve a significant share in the long-distance transport of goods in the future. Hydrogen buses are also increasingly being used in local public transport. This is especially true for rural and mountainous regions. The need for regional hydrogen refueling stations is growing. Together with MoviaTec, we want to actively shape this development,” emphasizes Dirk Sattur, Managing Director of MITNETZ GAS.

Frank Rößler, Managing Director of MoviaTec: “Hydrogen mobility can only contribute successfully to CO2 reduction if we provide the necessary refueling infrastructure for it in good time. The cooperation with MITNETZ GAS offers the best conditions for a successful expansion of the German hydrogen filling station network.”

Nedim Husomanovic

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