Duisburg gets 100 new hydrogen buses

By 2030, DVG wants to have all of its vehicles equipped with the new technology. The buses will be ordered right away to guarantee that the conversion will be completed on time. This still needs to be formally approved by the Council at its subsequent meeting in two weeks. Buses powered by hydrogen have the advantage of being much quieter and more environmentally friendly than conventional buses. They ought to be less expensive than electric buses. By 2030, the workshop and hydrogen tank infrastructure should also be in place.

Scania to send hydrogen trucks to Switzerland

Scania is still investigating the possibility of hydrogen-powered cars. Thus, the Swedish firm has disclosed that in a few years, it would send its first fuel cell vehicles to Swiss businesses.

The dairy firm Emmi AG, the retailer Genossenschaft Migros Zürich, the building company Gysin Tiefbau AG, and the national logistics provider TRAVECO Transporte AG will all receive these 40 to 70-tonne hydrogen trucks. The delivery period is 2024 and 2025. Plans for a large 125km pipeline that would pass through Runcorn and Warrington have accomplished another significant step.

First 100% hydrogen pipeline in the UK ins sight

HyNet North West project plans were the subject of a statutory consultation that has now come to an end. A total of 547 members of the public participated in in-person and online events, and 150 pieces of input were provided.

The plans call for building, running, and maintaining up to 125 km of brand-new pipelines to transport hydrogen produced at Stanlow Manufacturing Complex to a number of industrial gas clients throughout the North West. This would be the first 100% hydrogen pipeline in the UK.

Avaada Group and Fadnavis discuss a green hydrogen project

Devendra Fadnavis, the deputy chief minister, met with the Vineet Mittal-led Avaada Group on Friday to discuss green hydrogen, days after Maharashtra’s industry minister Uday Samant said a hydrogen policy for the auto and energy industries would be announced in a month.

“Green Hydrogen is a crucial anchor of the future energy transformation as a part of the vision of Hon PM Narendra Modi,” Fadnavis wrote in a tweet following the meeting. With a budget of about Rs 45,000 crore, this project is a first of its sort worldwide. It would bring in significant investment to Maharashtra and create 12,000 (direct + indirect) jobs. We have reassured everyone of our support, and we anticipate working together to achieve a green, renewable future!

Leading Integrated Energy Group in India, Avaada Group has operations in the manufacturing of Green Ammonia, Solar Module Manufacturing, Electrolyser Manufacturing, and Renewable Power Generation.

HSB joins the Clean Energy Holdings Renewable Energy and Technology Alliance Platform

Clean Energy Holdings LLC, Bair Energy LLC, Chart Industries Inc., Equix Inc., RockeTruck Inc., Coast 2 Coast Logistics LLC, The Eastman Group, and now HSB have all joined the Alliance. Clean Energy Holdings, LLC’s financial advisor is ING Americas.

As these businesses join forces with the Alliance, it is in a strong position to speed the transition to clean energy while putting an emphasis on safety, lower emissions, and the production of renewable energy. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) has accredited HSB as the largest Authorized Inspection Agency (AIA), and its contribution to the Renewable Energy and Technology Alliance will be focused on creating safe strategies for this newly emerging clean energy sector.

Powerhouse Energy Group PLC’s planning license for a hydrogen facility in West Dunbartonshire

The Scottish government has appointed a planning recorder to review the Powerhouse Energy Group PLC’s planning license for a hydrogen facility in West Dunbartonshire, Scotland, the company announced on Friday.

According to the U.K. technology company, the recorder has been asked to take into account the Scottish government’s stance that it does not support the expansion of the nation’s municipal waste incineration capacity, how the development relates to the waste hierarchy and the deposit return scheme, as well as a number of other issues pertaining to the source of waste, waste incineration, and the use of produced hydrogen.

The business claimed that it is unsure of the next steps and that any delay in the implementation of the permit won’t have an impact on its current operations.

PyroGenesis Canada says that it has successfully manufactured hydrogen from methane utilizing ZCE hydrogen production technology

Methane is a greenhouse gas with a high potential for global warming and a greenhouse effect that is roughly 25 times worse than that of carbon dioxide (CO2). This methane is transformed into a useful solid carbon and hydrogen using PyroGenesis’ plasma-based hydrogen production process, yielding ZCE hydrogen. The industrial byproduct known as solid carbon, which is used to make tires for cars, coatings, plastics, and batteries, is regarded as a crucial raw resource. Turquoise hydrogen is the term used to describe any hydrogen created by a methane process that uses heat produced by electricity rather than fossil fuel combustion.

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