Motor Oil and PPC form Hellenic Hydrogen company

Motor Oil and PPC reached an agreement to form Hellenic Hydrogen. Dimitris Triantafyllopoulos takes on the role of managing director in the new syndicated firm, where Motor Oil controls 51% of the share capital and PPC 49% of it.

Making the best use of the experience, knowledge, and potential of its shareholders in the development of production and distribution platforms for energy from renewable sources, the company will concentrate on the development of green hydrogen production projects in Greece in collaboration with large and experienced consulting houses. It is underlined that green hydrogen is anticipated to be a key component of both the industry’s transition to a greener future and attempts to achieve climate neutrality in Europe by 2050.

In the energy sector, Triantafyllopoulos has more than 20 years of expertise. While serving as the director of the energy activities for the multinational corporation General Electric in Greece and Cyprus, he worked in significant roles for the creation and management of a number of electricity generating units in Greece and overseas. He has been on the boards of directors of technological businesses and has spoken on the topic of energy at conferences both domestically and overseas.

With an emphasis on energy transition and sustainable development, he has recently worked on the creation of new initiatives in the areas of clean, alternative energy sources, energy conservation, and energy management.

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