Nel ASA wants more electrolyzers from Wallingford

In order to increase output at its PEM electrolyzer manufacturing facility in Wallingford, Connecticut, Nel has made the final investment decision. By 2025, the project will increase yearly output capacity to about 500 MW.

According to Hkon Volldal, CEO of Nel, “This is a significant milestone for Nel.” “With this expansion, we will significantly boost PEM production capacity while also lowering stack cost and raising stack efficiency.”

The new production line is anticipated to reach nameplate capacity in 2025, with an investment cost of roughly NOK 260 million.

At Herya, Norway, we inaugurated the first completely automated alkaline electrolyzer facility in the world last year. The Wallingford expansion is a crucial first step in our industrialization of the PEM platform, according to Volldal.

In the US, where creating a high-quality production concept is essential for setting up Nel’s intended Gigafactory, the creation of the 500 MW PEM production line will significantly contribute to future expansion ambitions.

Up to 4 GW of production capacity could be available at the proposed Gigafactory, split between PEM and Alkaline.

According to Volldal, “We are investigating three compelling alternatives in three different states and will reach a decision soon.”

Additionally growing is Nel in Norway. The second production line at the Herya site is now being built by the business, and by April 2024, the output capacity is anticipated to be around 1 GW.

“We have received sizeable purchase orders for extensive electrolyzer projects over the past few months. As a result, we increased manufacturing from three to five shifts, which means that it now runs continuously, including on weekends, according to Volldal.

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