New cooperation for development of hydrogen trucks


The signing of a cooperation protocol for the development of hydrogen transportation solutions in the public works sector has been announced by ECT, GAUSSIN, and BOUYGUES ENERGIES & SERVICES.

ECT will entrust BOUYGUES ENERGIES SERVICES with the development of a 2 MW renewable hydrogen production and distribution station during the first phase of this agreement.

ECT will also entrust GAUSSIN with the design and implementation studies for the company’s three types of GAUSSIN hydrogen trucks, which will be used for two purposes:

  • An internal application (on-site transportation) consisting of a dozen 10×4, 70-ton tipper vehicles with a 10-hour autonomy; and a 10×4 tipper carrier in an autonomous version without a cabin, capable of carrying an additional 25% payload;
  • An external application (site transportation) consisting of several 4×2, 44-ton tractors with a 500-kilometer range. The first vehicles are expected to be delivered in 2022, according to the partners. ECT, BOUYGUES ENERGY & SERVICES, and GAUSSIN are all committed to environmental transformation and want to build an ecosystem of clean public transportation solutions. 

The environmental redevelopment of degraded sites is ECT’s core business, with the goal of redesigning the landscape with an environmental, agricultural, and social focus.

These redevelopments are carried out as part of a circular economy, with excavated earth from construction sites being reused. Transport and construction machinery transport and use the soil. BOUYGUES ENERGIES & SERVICES contributes its expertise in the production of renewable hydrogen and the distribution of this alternative fuel for existing industrial needs as part of this partnership.

The goal is to deploy these solutions on a large scale. This project aims to industrialize the production of a heavy truck model for the public works sector at a cost that is both optimized and competitive. A model of this type has a fleet of several hundred units that are eligible.

The goal is to assist in the development of a hydrogen mobility sector for the public works sector, as well as to pique the interest of earthworkers and transporters in the sector. This large-scale public works development is required in order to provide concrete solutions for sustainable transportation.

Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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