New initiative to use LOHC to carry green hydrogen from Sweden to Germany

A new initiative has been announced that hopes to use a liquid organic hydrogen carrier (LOHC) to carry green hydrogen from Sweden to Germany, however there is currently no provider set up to provide the renewable H2.

According to Hydrogenious, a German LOHC manufacturer, the Northern Green Crane project will transport up to 8,000 tonnes of green hydrogen from a yet-to-be-determined location in northern Sweden to Lingen, Germany, and Rotterdam, the Netherlands, by 2026.

The hydrogen will be added to benzyl toluene, a LOHC that is easily transported and a liquid at room temperature. The hydrogen will then be extracted using high temperature heat at the final destination.

According to Hydrogenious, the benzyl toluene would require up to 24 tonnes of hydrogen to be supplied each day, and 40 shiploads would be required to transfer the 8,000 tonnes.

The co-developers of the Northern Green Crane project—Hydrogenious, Dutch tank-storage company Royal Vopak, and German hydrogen business alliance GET H2—are presently submitting an application for funding from the European Commission.