NewHydrogen introduces green hydrogen generator prototype

The manufacturer of revolutionary low-cost and high-performance catalyst technology, NewHydrogen, has provided an update on the debut of its hydrogen generator prototype. This technology enables low-cost green hydrogen production.

The prototype will continue to act as a foundation for integrating new next-generation electrolyzer component advancements that the Company will be working on in the future.

A systematic acidic water splitting test using commercial platinum and iridium-based catalysts is currently underway in order to establish the benchmark performance of the current commercial catalysts and to set up a standard testing protocol in advance of the upcoming full cell performance evaluation.

The prototype electrolyzer platform requires larger quantities of catalysts with consistent material properties in order to operate at full capacity. In order to prepare for the impending performance evaluation, which will consider activity transition into electrolytic cell, long-term stability, hydrogen production rate, specific energy consumption, and estimated overall costs of new catalysts, the company is stepping up the synthesis of its noble catalysts.