OCI and Linde partner on clean hydrogen supply for blue ammonia project in US

OCI N.V. and Linde have partnered, and as part of the long-term arrangement, Linde will provide clean hydrogen and nitrogen to OCI’s new blue ammonia facility being built in Beaumont, Texas.

OCI’s overall investment cost is anticipated to be about $1 billion, while Linde’s total investment would be close to $1.8 billion. This includes spending on upgraded infrastructure and land that will enable future expansion to 2.2 mtpa capacity. Beginning of the project is anticipated for 2025.

An on-site complex that will be built, owned, and run by Linde will feature an enormous air separation plant as well as autothermal reforming with carbon capture. The new facility will be incorporated into Linde’s vast Gulf Coast industrial gas infrastructure. It will provide clean hydrogen and nitrogen to OCI’s 1.1 million ton per year blue ammonia plant, the country’s first large-scale, greenfield blue ammonia production.

By storing more than 1.7 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually, Linde will provide OCI with pure hydrogen. In order to significantly minimize the carbon footprint of its downstream customers along the value chain in a variety of industries, OCI will enhance the hydrogen in order to produce blue ammonia.

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