OGTC – ORE Catapult alliance to fast-track energy transition


The Energy Transition Alliance (ETA), formed by the Oil & Gas Technology Center (OGTC) and the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult, will work with the energy industry to drive a focused, funded initiative for advanced technology growth, including the next generation of hydrogen production and floating offshore wind.

It is a initiative aimed at changing the energy market, speeding up the transformation of the UK to a net zero future, ensuring a stable and safe power supply for the UK and an indigenous and sustainable energy development industry of the 21st Century.

“The UK’s innovation will drive a more sustainable oil and gas industry and the development of our world-leading renewables sector on the path to net zero emissions by 2050. Collaboration across the energy sector will be essential to achieving our climate goals, and it is great to see the Energy Transition Alliance working towards developing new technologies, creating green jobs and helping the transition to a cleaner future.”

Kwasi Kwarteng, UK minister for energy and clean growth.

Transition of supply chain, expertise and workforce from the oil and gas to renewables would be of crucial importance for the future of the energy industry.

“The creation of the Energy Transition Alliance comes at a pivotal time for our industry and the future of the North Sea as we transition to a net zero basin. Technology, innovation and a willingness to work cross sector will be essential if we are to successfully deliver on our net zero goal.

‘This alliance is an exciting step towards a more integrated energy future for the UK. Our partnership with the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult harnesses the expertise of both organisations to accelerate the UK’s energy transition.”

Colette Cohen, OGTC CEO.

The partners in the ETA are launching an ambitious program of five initial projects, which include:

UK supply chain specific floating wind foundation competition: stimulating innovation in floating wind, to reduce the cost of floating foundations by 25-30 percent;

AC/DC Footprint miniaturization: Developing new AC / DC conversion technology that lowers CO2, has a footprint 10 times smaller and 5 times cheaper than current technologies and is projected to achieve industry savings of £7.7 billion;

Power from shore: A call to industry for innovations that minimize shore power costs, including cross-operator ventures, that can help industry remove CO2e emissions from offshore platforms that currently account for 2 percent of UK overall CO2e emissions;

UK offshore renewables supply chain deep dive study: Maximizing the full potential of the UK supply chain in offshore renewable energy development, deployment and decommissioning, generating 27.000 jobs in offshore wind by 2030;

Sustainable wind turbine decommissioning: Create a commercially feasible solution for cost-effective recycling and re-processing of wind turbine blades, which is projected to carry market value of $1 billion.

The ETA is funded by the OGTC and ORE Catapult in its first year, and will look to government and industry to obtain support for future years, among other sources.

“I warmly welcome today’s announcement of the Energy Transition Alliance and its aim to integrate net-zero technologies in the North Sea and I commend those behind its establishment.

“This new alliance strongly complements the Scottish Government’s recently launched £62 million Energy Transition Fund, designed to support our energy sector and help us move more quickly towards net zero by 2045. The establishment of the alliance also supports the work of our Scottish Offshore Wind Energy Council to grow supply chain opportunities as we approach the forthcoming ScotWind leasing round.

“The technologies supported by the alliance will boost digitalization and automation and accelerate North Sea decarbonization as well as supporting Scotland’s aspirations for offshore wind and floating wind.

“This will benefit the wider Scottish energy sector and supply chain, maximize the economic benefits and support sustainable jobs in the long term, fully in line with our commitment to a just transition.

“This latest initiative, which will help deliver a forward looking, low-carbon recovery and diversify the energy sector’s workforce, is another step towards a greener, fairer and more equal society and economy.”

Paul Wheelhouse, Scotland’s energy minister.

“The energy transition to deliver net zero presents a massive opportunity for the UK. Innovation to meet the global demand for green energy technologies will ensure that we retain our world-leading position in offshore renewables, creating many thousands of jobs and significant economic growth.

“Floating offshore wind in particular is an area of massive potential, and the oil and gas industry’s extensive experience of operating in the marine environment for many decades can be the enabler that ensures that the UK not only delivers a complete energy transition, but also a sustainable, world-leading green energy industry.”

Andrew Jamieson, OREC chief executive.
Nedim Husomanovic

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