Oracle Power, Nuvera explore green hydrogen for heavy-duty transport

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In order to jointly explore opportunities for green hydrogen-powered decarbonized heavy-duty transport and port infrastructure in Pakistan, Oracle Power and Nuvera Fuel Cells have signed a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding.

The Massachusetts-based company Nuvera promotes the use of hydrogen vehicles. Heavy-duty, zero-emission fuel cell engines are produced by Nuvera for use in transportation systems. Nuvera offers products that are clean, safe, and efficient and are made to meet the strict requirements of industrial vehicles and other transportation markets. Nuvera has teams in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

With the help of the MoU, Oracle and Nuvera will work together to find and establish connections with clients in Pakistan, which has the potential to be a leading market for zero-emission mobility. The two parties will also coordinate and cooperate with the governments of Sindh and Pakistan to secure the necessary backing for the establishment of infrastructure for hydrogen mobility. Oracle and Nuvera want to work together to demonstrate heavy-duty fuel cell vehicles.

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