OX2 to connect Finnish offshore wind farms to hydrogen production

A feasibility study on the generation and distribution of large-scale offshore wind-to-hydrogen and e-fuel on the archipelago of Aland in the Baltic Sea has been launched by OX2 and the mutual fund division of the Finnish Bank of Aland.

The Maersk Mc-Kinney Mller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping also supports the landsbanken Fondbolag-funded initiative to make land into a regional green center for the transportation of renewable gas through a proposed Baltic Sea Hydrogen Collector linking Finland, Aland, Sweden, Denmark, and Germany.

The joint venture partners predict that the plant’s maximum H2 production capacity will be 3 GW, after which a port on the archipelago will serve as a green node connected to specific green power projects. Earlier, Alandsbanken Fondbolag had already committed to working with OX2 to build two enormous offshore wind farms off the archipelago that would have a combined capacity of roughly 8GW.

The feasibility study is expected to take a year to complete and will improve understanding of the practical, technological, and financial aspects of the proposed Längnäs Mega Green Port, according to OX2.

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