pHYnix hires Duro Felguera for Vitale hydrogen production plant EPC

Duro Felguera’s renewable energy branch, DF Green Tech, has been chosen by pHYnix to complete the turnkey contract (EPC) for the building of the Vitale production plant in Alcázar de San Juan (City Real).

The contract covers comprehensive engineering, civil work, delivery and installation of the plant’s primary equipment, such as the Cummins electrolyser and Howden compressors, as well as commissioning.

To get the plant operational in the first quarter of 2024, Duro Felguera Green Tech will immediately start detailed engineering based on the fundamental engineering created by Tresca Ingeniera. More than 23 million euros have been committed to the Vitale project by pHYnix.

One of the first commercially viable renewable hydrogen production facilities in Europe and the first in Spain, Vitale will have a variety of uses. In the Community of Madrid, the sale of renewable gas will benefit both local industry through direct supply and the logistics and heavy transport sectors, as well as urban and interurban transportation, in addition to gas stations. The HRS hydrogen service (Hydrogen Refueling Station). The use of a portion of the production for gas blending (injection into the gas network) stands out in particular.

Starting in 2024, Vitale will create 1,450 tons of renewable hydrogen annually.

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