Piedmont opens green hydrogen tenders in idle industrial sites

Piedmont gives the go-ahead for the tender to produce green hydrogen in idle industrial sites.

A second competition involving the flagship project’s 10 million euro budget, once again funded with the National Recovery Plan and Resilience, will be held after the first one, which will open on December 30 and have a budget of 19.5 million euros for the production of green hydrogen in abandoned regions.

Potential beneficiaries were given a brief overview of the tender, which will finish on February 28, 2023.

The National Recovery and Resilience Plan anticipates receiving approval of the ranking by the end of March. Using electricity generated by freshly constructed renewable energy plants situated on the site or connected, via the network, to the hydrogen production system, the electrolysers will be put on abandoned industrial sites. The projects must already have provisions for using hydrogen for transportation, industry, and at least a portion of its introduction into the gas network within 50 kilometers of the production site.