Tasmania’s Renewable Hydrogen Action Plan lays the groundwork for Tasmania to become a world leader in large-scale renewable hydrogen generation by 2030.

Renewables Tasmania has conducted an Industry Activation Study to identify projects that have the potential to increase local hydrogen demand.

This study is critical to Tasmania realizing and implementing its renewable Hydrogen potential.

The Tasmanian Government has allocated up to $12.3 million in funding from the $50 million Tasmanian Renewable Hydrogen Industry Development Funding Program to implement the Study’s recommendations.

Metro Tasmania will provide funding for up to three hydrogen buses over a five-year period.

The Blue Economy CRC is in early discussions to support this effort with its 700 kW hydrogen electrolyser, which is expected to be operational in the first half of 2022.

This follows the announcement in the Tasmanian Budget for 2021-22 of a $6 million equity investment in a Metro Tasmania electric bus pilot.

Funding will be made available to explore hydrogen trucks in partnership with the Tasmanian Transport Association, as well as hydrogen marine boats, with the possibility of demonstrations. Additionally, work on a hydrogen refueling plan and the use of hydrogen for heating purposes is subsidized.

Tasmania attained 100% self-sufficiency in renewable electricity generation in November 2020, and we have set a nation-leading objective of 200 percent by 2040.

Green hydrogen produced from renewable energy in Tasmania has the potential to play a critical role in decarbonizing the global environment, and Tasmania is at the forefront of this technical push.

The report can be found at https://renewablestasmania.tas.gov.au/innovation_and_investment/renewable_hydrogen

Nedim Husomanovic

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