Playing a leading role in vitalizing the carbon-neutral and hydrogen economy

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In order to respond to greenhouse gas reduction and carbon neutrality policies, Korea Gas Corporation (KOGAS) is actively supporting the demonstration of hydrogen inclusion.

Hydrogen mixing is the process of sending hydrogen and natural gas to consumers through a city gas pipeline network.

The incorporation of hydrogen into the city gas network can reduce consumption of city gas and greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, if hydrogen is combined and provided over the nationwide network of city gas pipelines, it can be utilized in all equipment that uses city gas, such as residential and industrial gas boilers.

The government announced a step-by-step mixing demonstration plan with the goal of putting 20% hydrogen in city gas on the market by 2026. This would create a demand for 1.07 million tons of hydrogen and cut carbon emissions by 7.5 million tons.

KOGAS wants to examine international empirical situations, construct test facilities, show the mixing of hydrogen, and develop operating technology. We inked a deal with Korea Southern Power in March to collaborate on the development of green hydrogen piping mixing technology. The two firms have agreed to collaborate on the pilot operation of hydrogen mixing in the pipework of the Hanlim Bitdream Power Plant and the development of related technologies in order to ensure their competitiveness in the hydrogen industry. It wants to be a leader in carbon neutrality and in getting the hydrogen economy going again. 

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