Plug Power and FreezPak Logistics collaborate on fuel cells and hydrogen storage infrastructure

Plug Power and FreezPak Logistics are collaborating in order to supply infrastructure for fuel cells, hydrogen storage, and fueling to nine additional sites and almost 400 lift trucks.

The agreement calls for the installation of fuel cells for lift trucks and hydrogen infrastructure at five additional FreezPak Logistics locations that will open in 2023 in addition to the four currently operational locations. Along with the three sites that are now up and running, Plug will support 11 customer locations altogether across the United States.

Because fuel cells run continuously throughout a shift while batteries need to be recharged often, FreezPak Logistics claimed a 100% increase in productivity.

FreezPak Logistics also saw a decrease in electricity costs of 31.5% and an increase in usable space of up to 5,000 square feet per location, in addition to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.