Plug Power and Olin work on US green hydrogen plant

In order to see the development of a 15-tonne per day hydrogen plant in Louisiana, US, Plug Power and Olin Corporation are planning to enter into a joint venture.

The joint venture, known as Hidrogenii, aims to promote the supply of green hydrogen to the market across North America by utilizing the experience of each company and laying the groundwork for further cooperation in the future.

In order to help Plug Power achieve its goals of setting up up to 500 tonnes per day of liquid green hydrogen production capacity in the US by 2025 and 1,000 tonnes per day by 2028, the anticipated plant in St. Gabriel, Louisiana is expected to create 15 tonnes of green hydrogen per day.

Olin, a producer and marketer of chlor alkali, will supply a steady supply of hydrogen, while Plug Power will be the exclusive distributor of the hydrogen produced by the joint venture and will handle the logistics for its distribution.

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