Ports of Stockholm rolls out hydrogen-powered RoRo tractors

As part of Ports of Stockholm’s fossil-free operational ambitions, Ports of Stockholm, Volvo Penta, and CMB.TECH are partnering to jointly pilot and operate RoRo (roll on, roll off) tractors powered by hydrogen-diesel dual fuel powertrains.

As part of a significant hydrogen investment in Stockholm Norvik Port, Ports of Stockholm, one of the world’s largest passenger ports and one of Sweden’s largest freight ports, and Volvo Penta, a provider of cutting-edge industrial power solutions, have formed a special cooperative relationship. The first pilot RoRo tractor is scheduled to be delivered in 2023.

Before the machine is delivered to Ports of Stockholm, CMB.TECH will equip the newbuild RoRo tractor, powered by Volvo Penta’s D8 engines, with a hydrogen system as part of the joint pilot. Large marine and industrial applications powered by hydrogen and ammonia fuels, which CMB.TECH both produces and distributes to its clients, are owned, operated, and designed by the company. A collaboration on hydrogen was also announced earlier this year by CMB.TECH and Ports of Stockholm.

The dual fuel technology that uses hydrogen and diesel makes it easy and quick to adapt to many applications. Although green hydrogen offers significant potential for decarbonization, the infrastructure is still in its infancy, necessitating backup plans using conventional fuels to maintain company operations. Even without a present extensive hydrogen infrastructure, business assets might be more future-ready with a dual-fuel configuration.

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