Portugal wants to produce hydrogen on wind islands at sea

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Portugal wants to produce hydrogen on artificial islands with wind turbines in the middle of the sea. The northern European countries, such as Denmark, were pioneers in this concept of creating “energy islands” off the coast of the North Sea, connected to land by submarine cables.

The Minister of Economy believes that “the future will pass through hydrogen” and that Portugal has the capacity to be a solution in production precisely through offshore wind power. The government has already announced for 2023 the first auction of offshore wind power in Portugal.

“The future will pass through hydrogen and Portugal has solutions to present,” said António Costa Silva before an audience of Portuguese businessmen attending the industrial fair Hannover Messe, Germany.

For the ruler, “in offshore wind we will have a large project and a massive production with artificial islands away from the coast and linked to hydrogen production,” so that “the large quantities of hydrogen needed in the future will be important and we have in offshore wind an opportunity to produce them.

“We are going to build a large hydrogen hub in Sines that can be pivotal. And the link with our German partners who are also looking for this for the energy transition can mark a turning paradigm,” Costa Silva added.

At the start of the world’s largest industry fair, the Minister of the Economy pointed out that “the presence of Portuguese companies in Hanover can be transformative. “We have in this room the best that is being done in Portugal in multiple activities. I have no doubt that the reindustrialization of the country, of its productive power will pass through here.”

“I have extreme confidence in what Portuguese companies are doing. If we believe in our potential, we can change the future,” said the minister.

Costa Silva recalled that another important vector for the development of Portuguese industry “is textiles, technical plastics and everything related to new materials, more resilient and lighter.” “Everything that concerns the incorporation of these materials in these industries and in other lines will mark the future.”

More than 100 companies present

Hannover Messe will have more than 100 Portuguese companies present this year, a number well above the usual average, which usually does not go beyond four dozen. The event will certainly take place between this Monday, May 30th, and next Friday.

According to data released by AICEP, Germany is the “third largest export market for goods” to Portugal and “the second largest for goods and services.

“Portugal makes sense” is the motto that marks the presence of 109 national companies from the automation, digital, engineering, and energy sectors at the Hannover Messe, the world’s largest industrial fair.

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