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PowerCell optimizes fuel cell module for marine power solutions


PowerCell Sweden AB has released the PowerCellution Marine System 200, an industrialized high-power fuel cell module with a small footprint and low weight, designed specifically for marine electrification.

PowerCell Sweden’s entire hydrogen-electric solutions for the maritime segment start with the Marie System 200, which may be coupled in parallel to produce megawatts of power.

The marine segment is undergoing a shift to new motor systems and fuels as a result of increasingly rigorous pollution standards for marine boats. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has mandated a 50% reduction in emissions from commercial marine vessels by 2050, and there are also various national initiatives, such as the planned more strict emission rules for marine vessels traveling through the Norwegian fjords. Because marine vessels have such a lengthy service life, the industry must begin the transition to zero-emission solutions as soon as possible to prevent having a fleet that does not fulfill future requirements.

The marine segment is one of PowerCell Sweden’s key strategic growth segments, which it outlined last year. PowerCellution Marine Systems 200, an industrialized high-power module, has been created to help customers in the marine segment migrate to more rigorous emissions standards. The module is made up of numerous fuel cell systems that have been combined into one. Each module has a power output of 200 kW, however they can simply be joined in parallel to generate megawatts of electricity.

PowerCellution Marine System 200 builds on PowerCell Sweden’s technical competence in fuel cell stacks and systems. The module is completely classifiable in accordance with IMO’s marine standards and criteria, having been created in close collaboration with customers and in consultation with renowned maritime classification societies. The PowerCell S3 fuel cell stack is the core component, which combines high power with a small footprint.

PowerCell Sweden AB received an order for a 3.2 MW maritime fuel cell system from a renowned European shipyard in April of last year, and an order for a marine fuel cell module from Norwegian Prototech AS earlier this year.

Fuel cells powered by hydrogen produced from renewable energy sources, also known as green hydrogen, emit only clean water and provide a totally sustainable electrification of marine power units for both propulsion and on-board power generation.

“With PowerCellution Marine System 200 we can offer the marine segment a scalable and fully industrialized solution meeting the segment’s need for an increased electrification. Our systems offer customers an emission-free operation that does not force them to compromise in terms of performance”, Richard Berkling, CEO of PowerCell Sweden AB said.

Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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