POWERCHINA and ExtenSolar announced water-tracking system


This system is hydro-driven photovoltaic tracking system. It has both agricultural irrigation and photovoltaic panel self-cleaning functions. 

It is understood that the SOLAR POWER WATER-TRACKING GENERATION SYSTEM FOR IRRIGATION (SWTI) has introduced several new technologies in the development process and has got several patents. It integrates four major functions such as agricultural irrigation, solar power generation, water gravity tracking, and self-cleaning photovoltaic panels, which have wide application prospects. 

This system has the following design highlights: several

  1. Integrate the irrigation waterway and the solar photovoltaic power generation system, and have both agricultural irrigation and photovoltaic power generation functions. 
  2. A counterweight water tank is installed on the tracker, and the water supply pipeline of the irrigation system is used to provide a water source and drive the rotation of the photovoltaic panel to realize the sun tracking function. 
  3. It equips the top of the photovoltaic panel with a cleaning pipeline, which can spray water on the photovoltaic panel during a specified period to clean dust and improve power generation efficiency. 
  4. The tracker is driven by water gravity, and the existing water system pipeline can be used for agricultural irrigation.
Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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