Provaris Energy and Norwegian Hydrogen AS sign MOU for green hydrogen projects

In order to create green hydrogen value chain projects in the Nordics, Provaris Energy and Norwegian Hydrogen AS have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU).

Starting with a cooperative concept study anticipated to be finished within the March quarter, the firms will work together using Provaris’ GH2 Carriers and storage systems and Norwegian Hydrogen’s proposed hydrogen production and export facilities.

The MOU offers a framework for collaborating on a concept design study to assess identified sites and choose one that is appropriate for hydrogen export and domestic volumes.

Additionally, it will serve as a foundation for an analysis of the technical and financial aspects of producing and delivering compressed gaseous green hydrogen to designated European ports.

The study’s focus will involve the production of hydrogen, the H2Neo carrier from Provaris, and the necessary import infrastructure at designated import locations.

The partners will submit applications to appropriate funding programs on a national and European Union level.

According to Provaris Managing Director and CEO Martin Carolan, “The Nordic region provides multiple advantages, including low-cost hydropower, closeness to offtake markets, and supportive governments committed to exporting hydrogen to Europe.”

This partnership also strategically fits with the schedule for the development of our H2Neo carrier and confirms the growing demand for our compressed H2 transport method for supplying hydrogen to Europe.

Provaris recently joined Norwegian Energy Partners to help with raising market awareness of compressed H2 marine transport and the identification of partnership partners and off-take markets (NORWEP).

Aiming to support and help organizations with the internationalization of their combined technology and industry is the NORWEP.

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