Puertollano announces green hydrogen projects

Adolfo Muiz, the mayor of Puertollano (Ciudad Real), announced that “extremely important” green hydrogen production initiatives that “will greatly influence the future of the city” will be made public in the coming days.

In a tribute before the miner’s monument and in honor of Santa Barbara’s Day, the mayor highlighted the significance of mining in Puertollano’s history ever since the first coal seams were discovered there.

In this regard, he emphasized that the Puertollano of today was constructed and laid the “foundations for a positive future likewise based on energy, in this instance clean and renewable energies,” on the values of labor and dedication of the miners.

The mayor has praised Puertollano for upholding its tradition of paying tribute to its mining ancestors and their values of “effort, tenacity, and dignity” as it works to create a modern city without losing sight of the coming industrial conversion brought on by the exploitation of alternative energy sources.

In fact, he expressed his satisfaction with Puertollano’s pioneering nature, which will soon be the star of a plan of singular interest in industrial development linked to the production of this energy vector. He stated that in the coming days “important projects” of green hydrogen production that “will greatly influence the future of the city” will be made public.

On the other hand, during the official speech of the Santa Barbara Day celebration, Muiz recalled that the Diputación de Ciudad Real’s assistance will enable work to improve access to the Miner’s Monument to begin in the upcoming weeks. He also revealed that the Mining Museum, which will open to the public in the upcoming weeks, will also be devoted to the Puertollano Carboniferous.

In addition, he affirmed that the municipality would pay tribute to the memory of the former miners and their families in a very special way in 2023 when the monument to the miner, the creation of sculptor Pepe Noja, and the 150th anniversary of the discovery of coal in the area will be remembered.

The parish priest of the church of Santa Barbara, José Manuel Bellón, led a prayer before the tribute to the Puertollano miners. All of the municipal corporation’s political parties were represented, along with representatives from unions, businesses, organizations, NGOs, and state security agencies.

Fertiberia, Repsol, the Federation of Employers, the unions CCOO and UGT, Ajuprencasur, the Association of Choirs Fuente Agria, the Spanish Association against Cancer, the Folkloric Association Virgen de Gracia, the Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha, and Pinardi have all donated bouquets and floral scepters to be placed at the base of the monument.