Redexis invests €10M in green hydrogen production plant

Redexis will invest 10 million euros in the building and delivery of a green hydrogen production plant with a 2.5 megawatt (MW) capacity that will be placed in the Environmental Business Park (PEMA) in Garray (Soria).

The 2.5 MW green hydrogen production facility, which will be finished by December 31, 2023, is planned to be fed directly from the power generated by a 5.2 MW photovoltaic park and to have a 150 cubic meter storage system.

Green hydrogen can be produced in quantities up to 300 tons annually, used for transportation and industry, and evacuated through a hydroduct.

The project will be the first green hydrogen production facility established in Redexis and in Castilla y León. Redexis is a community that is making progress toward decarbonization and can prevent the emission of up to 2,000 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) annually.

The project will be able to serve the Garray Environmental Business Park, which has auxiliary facilities for control and monitoring, air conditioning, lighting, and security and occupies roughly 3,000 square meters.

Public-private cooperation will be the driving force behind the plant’s operation. In order to create a mixed company, Redexis will invest 80% of the capital, with Somacyl, a public firm of the Junta de Castilla y León that specializes in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in the area, owning the other 20%.

According to the CEO of Redexis, Fidel López, “We are concentrating on projects that will include an active participation in the production of renewable gases, in this instance green hydrogen,” where the firm is committed to the target of being a part of more than 10 pertinent projects in 2026.