Researchers at KU Leuven get closer to commercializing hydrogen roof panels

Researchers at KU Leuven have made a significant advancement toward the commercial manufacture of panels that can capture green hydrogen from the atmosphere.

A fuel that can store and generate both power and heat is hydrogen gas. A hydrogen panel that turns atmospheric moisture into hydrogen has been developed by bioengineers Tom Bosserez and Jan Rongé.

The panel records both light and air. The hydrogen panel splits the water molecules in the air that are present in the form of water vapour into hydrogen and oxygen using the energy from the sun. Hydrogen can be employed in a variety of applications after being kept under pressure or transferred via pipelines. Without having an effect on the environment, the oxygen gas is simply released back into the atmosphere.

RongĂ© and Bosserez were given the opportunity to test their theories as part of “The Solhyd Project.” They created multiple hydrogen panel prototypes, and with assistance from the Leuven-based business Comate, they were even able to turn these prototypes into a usable product.

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