Rheinmetall presents hydrogen solutions in South Africa

Rheinmetall AG presents complete, mobile modular systems for producing, storing, and transporting CO2-free hydrogen at the Africa Aerospace & Defence (AAD) show in Centurion.

South Africa’s fixed and mobile civic, industrial, excursion, and outdoor infrastructure can benefit from the climate-neutral energy security offered by Rheinmetall Denel Munition’s mobile solution. It can function in remote locations with no access to electricity because it generates its own. This innovation is perfect for mobile field hospitals due to its ability to create oxygen simultaneously. Thanks to its expertise in plant engineering, Rheinmetall is well on its way to becoming an energy producer as part of its hydrogen strategy.

By applying an electric current, hydrogen and oxygen can be extracted from water. A system of solar panels generates the necessary carbon-free electricity. Hydroelectric dams and wind turbines are other viable options for producing electricity. Since it is a gas, green hydrogen may be transported and kept indefinitely.

The modular system developed by Rheinmetall is adaptable to both fixed and moving installations. Larger, transportable arrangements, like field hospitals, typically have dedicated containers for solar power, electrolysis, hydrogen storage, and fuel cell electrical generation. Consolidating the necessary modules into a single container, with solar panels providing electricity and water, increases portability. Green hydrogen production on the go can be used to create both electricity and heat in commercial, residential, and exploratory contexts. Oxygen, for example, is a byproduct that has both internal and external use. Hydrogen can be kept either at the current location or transported to a new location.

Each person’s requirements can be accommodated. Powering 30–40 dwellings with the energy of 4 sea containers. Green hydrogen as a future energy source, self-sufficiency, and maximum mobility in undeveloped areas or off-grid commercial applications are provided by the various technologies, whether for tent communities, field hospitals, or fixed solutions.

The storage and transport issues of the Energy Revolution are addressed by this technology. Even in less-developed regions, it can provide a reliable and long-lasting supply of electricity. An independent, flexible, and transportable answer to Rheinmetall’s hydrogen problems, this modular system is a key part of their overall plan. The Company provides solar-powered energy systems. It provides not just mobile modular solutions but also green hydrogen, turnkey systems, and permanent H2 factories on a massive scale.

From concept through commissioning, Rheinmetall provides South African businesses in the renewable energy sector with a full suite of industrial solutions, including full lifecycle support, training, maintenance, and operator models. Reducing carbon emissions, gaining energy independence, adapting to user needs, and meeting specific client requirements while keeping maintenance costs at a minimum are all important goals.

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