Río Negro presents green hydrogen strategy in Rome

The Secretary of State for Planning, Daniel Sanguinetti, was asked to attend a meeting with officials and executives of the Italian-Latin American Institute (IILA) in Rome as part of the efforts to promote the Provincial Green Hydrogen Strategic Plan.

The Italo-Latin American Institute (IILA), an international organization formed in 1966, is focused on economic, cultural, scientific, and development cooperation domains. It was created as a vehicle to promote and strengthen connections between Italy and Latin America.

“By bringing information closer and highlighting our province’s potential for producing the energy fuel of the future, we have the chance to further establish Rio Negro as a global player, make it easier for investors to come here, and establish it as a benchmark in the energy industry. clean at the global level,” Sanguinetti asserted.

He also emphasized the solidity and dependability of the province’s Strategic Plan, which serves as the foundation for the national promotion of legislation. He stated in a news release that “the new dimension the Provincial Green Hydrogen Strategic Plan acquired in recent months based on the real potential and the successful advancements were stimulating worldwide attention and that this sort of meeting takes place more regularly.”

The green hydrogen that will be created in our province can help find a long-term answer, he added. “Europe is a continent that, either owing to the limitation of its natural resources or due to its desire in turning to clean energy, must seek solutions in this sort of fuel.