Roll out of H2Genset completed

The delivery of the H2Genset pre-series of emission-free hydrogen power generators was announced by the three development partners SFC Energy AG, TEST-FUCHS GmbH, and Auto AG Group for the fourth quarter of this year.

The pre-series will feature three times the tank volume, a new peak output of up to 25 kilowatts, and even greater transport flexibility than the H2Genset demonstration that was previously used as part of a roadshow (kW).

The H2Genset provides a self-sufficient, dependable, and at the same time low-noise energy source even across wide regions without connection to the traditional power grid. It is made up of EFOY Hydrogen fuel cells, hydrogen tanks, and an IoT cloud monitoring system.

It does not release any particle matter or ecologically damaging exhaust gases, such as CO2, CO, or NOX, like traditional gasoline and diesel generators.

A pilot H2Genset system has been utilized recently at international trade shows, significant events, sporting competitions, and test circuits, among other locations, as part of a widespread roadshow. The roadshow’s findings support the necessity for alternate and emission-free power sources, particularly in close proximity to building sites and significant events as well as in disaster preparedness and civil defense.

It was further developed into a pre-series using the performance metrics and user experiences of the demonstration that were captured throughout the roadshow. This will be created as a transportable energy solution, enabling both individual and group transportation on bigger trailers or truck beds.

The operational period between fuelling procedures will be greatly lengthened by tripling the tank volume, further enhancing the H2Genset’s uptime. New peak power of up to 25 kW and a new continuous power of up to 10 kW will be added to the pre-production series (pilot system peak power: 10 kW and continuous power: 5 kW).