RPCS launches new logistics center to serve solar industry


RP Construction Services (RPCS) has launched a new logistics center in Kosciusko, Mississippi. The new facility is now the third RPCS-owned and operated distribution yard to serve the U.S. utility scale solar industry, complementing RPCS’s Texas and California sites.

Consisting of two warehouses, the facility rests on a 10-acre site. Warehouse I (the West House) is a 25.000-square-foot kitting facility that will houe all necessary materials for pre-assembly operations by RPCS. The West House will also have a mechanic shop for servicing field crew equipment, tools, and toolboxes. Warehouse II (the East House) is a warehouse of 35.000 square feet that will store all other necessary components.

There is a two acre laydown yard adjacent to the West House for inbound and outbound kitting components. The 40.000-square-foot lot just outside the East House currently stores 18.000 foundation piers and over 7 megawatts of pre-assembled Safe Harbor materials.

Two solar arrays are installed at the north end of the property for training, demo, and testing purposes. Both warehouses will have two docks for loading and unloading, which will speed up and streamline the transport of materials.

The facility is located close to RPCS’s steel supplier, Attala Steel. This contiguity will offer unlimited options to distribute partial pier loads with the material from RPCS, and the ability to request materials at the last minute to complete projects to keep timelines for construction on schedule.

“This is a big move for RPCS. The new facility gives us ample indoor storage and packing capability, which greatly accelerates our ability to process and ship orders.

Brendan Teague, RPCS executive VP of operations.

In addition to added supply chain enhancement, the new facility will ensure greater material and inventory accuracy, more streamlined installs, and improved deployment of serviced equipment and tools.

Nedim Husomanovic

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