Russia no longer desires to supply Europe with hydrogen


Due to the suspension of cooperation with Europe, the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Energy decided to alter the direction of upcoming hydrogen deliveries.

Earlier, the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Energy cut its projection for “blue” and “green” hydrogen exports. A preliminary stress scenario has been created by the Ministry for a plan to develop low-carbon hydrogen energy in Russia through the year 2030.

The largest consumers of “blue” hydrogen, which is created by steam methane reforming with CO2 utilization, have cut off trade with Russia. Additionally, “green” hydrogen is created by electrolyzing water using renewable energy. The benchmark for the Russian Federation’s hydrogen export potential was consequently reduced by almost halve, from 9.5 million to 4.5 million tons. Only China can remain as the only sales market.

The presentation makes it clear that South Korea and Japan are also hostile nations. They may, however, go forward with a separate approach to the Russian Federation. Their potential demand is thought to be 3.7 million tons. Instead of 2.2 million tons, actual exports from the Russian Federation by 2030 may total just 1.4 million tons. Investments totaling 21.1 billion dollars will be needed to start up production in the Russian Federation, and export revenues are expected to be 12.8 billion dollars.

Anela Dokso

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