Saarbahn to get green hydrogen from Steag

German Steag GmbH will provide green hydrogen to Saarbahn from a 53-MW plant that will be constructed in western Germany.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the delivery of green hydrogen from the HydroHub Fenne project in the Saarland town of Voelklingen has been signed between Steag and Saarbahn. At the location of the gas-fired power plant Voelklingen-Fenne owned by Steag, an electrolysis plant is now being built. As soon as it is operational, the facility will be able to create up to 8,700 tonnes of renewable hydrogen annually.

Saarbruecken, the state capital of Saarland and the location of Steag’s company in charge of the hydrogen project, will get some of the plant’s output as part of the agreement with Saarbahn. The initial deliveries are planned to start in 2026.