Safra launches the new hydrogen bus 

The Safra Hycity has recently been formally introduced as the successor of the Businova H2. With a full tank of hydrogen, it boasts a range of more than 350 kilometers in a conventional version of 12 meters.

Safra, a pioneer in the hydrogen bus category, is back with a completely new model. The Safra Hycity, which was unveiled at the European Mobility Expo (EUMO) trade event in Paris, has undergone a full redesign, with considerably more polished external lines than its predecessor.

12 meters or 18 meters

The Hycity is shown in a 12-meter form with three doors and a full flat floor, with an 18-meter version due in 2023.

The inside is light and may be configured in a variety of ways depending on the demands of the operators. The bus has up to 33 seats in the two-door configuration, including four seats for people with disabilities.

With a full tank of hydrogen, the vehicle can go over 350 kilometers on its own.

The Safra Hycity is equipped with two 125 kW electric motors and a 130 kWh battery pack using NMC lithium cells.

A 45 kW fuel cell (30 usable kW) is supplied by six tanks for the hydrogen component. The latter, which is mounted on the roof so as not to obstruct the space on board, stores 35 kilograms of hydrogen under 350 bar of pressure.

With a full tank of hydrogen, the vehicle can go over 350 kilometers on its own.

Safra Hycity: key features

Height 3,300m

Length 11.857m

Lenght 2,550m

Emp 5.550m

Front overhang 2.527m

Rear overhang 3.490m

Angle of attack 7°

Vanishing angle 7°

Max GVW 21 tons

Engine 2 x 115kW

Battery 130 kWh NMC

Fuel cell 45kW

H2 tanks 6 tanks

35 kg at 350 bars

Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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