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SAIC Motor, China’s largest manufacturer, has signed an agreement with Inner Mongolia’s Ordos municipal administration to invest in projects involving the industrial chain for new energy vehicles (NEVs).

SAIC Motor and its subsidiaries, SAIC Hongyan and SHPT (Shanghai Hydrogen Propulsion Technology Co., Ltd.), will invest a total of 2 billion yuan ($308.861 million) in the development of an industrial chain for fuel cell-powered heavy-duty trucks in Ejin Horo Banner, Ordos city, according to the agreement. All partners will collaborate on the project to industrialize the use of about 10,000 fuel cell heavy-duty trucks, the first 500 of which will be delivered this year.

SAIC Motor stated that Ordos has wealthy coal, oil, and gas resources, as well as big contemporary coal and chemical plants and an abundance of industrial byproduct hydrogen. The city is accelerating the development of the hydrogen energy industrial chain and associated industrial applications, with the goal of establishing China’s largest base for the production of green hydrogen and the deployment of fuel-cell heavy-duty trucks.

SAIC Motor has begun commercial operations in 13 locations across China with a variety of fuel cell-powered PV and CV vehicles, including cars, MPVs, light buses, light-duty trucks, and heavy-duty trucks. The Roewe 950 FCV and the Maxus were the MIIT’s first fuel cell sedan and MPV models, respectively.

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