São Paulo discusses green hydrogen and investments with WB

Governor Tarcsio de Freitas met one-on-one with leaders of the corporate sector and a number of governments on his second day of agendas at the World Economic Forum.

The governor discussed supporting the Mercosur EFTA agreement’s final signature with Helene Budliger Artieda, Switzerland’s Secretary of State for Economic Affairs when the discussions were already over. They discussed environmental concerns as well as a potential technology alliance centered on the creation of green hydrogen. According to tarcsio, the Swiss have the technological know-how and can work with So Paulo on these projects.

The entourage then met with Bandar Alkhorayef, the Saudi Arabian government’s minister of industry. “Our portfolio of infrastructure investments has drawn a lot of attention. The minister showed a preference for the auto industry, which is flourishing in our state “, he remarks.

The vice president of the State Grid Corporation of China, Pan Jingdong, was the subject of the third meeting of the morning. CPFL belongs to the electricity company. “We discussed the privatization of Emae in addition to presenting our investment portfolio. We should discuss this subject further in a future conversation “added the governor.

Tarcsio met with the CEO of Nutrien, one of the biggest fertilizer businesses in the world, to wrap up the morning’s events. The international provider of agricultural products and services, according to Ken Seitz, plans to boost the state’s production capacity later this year.

The governor met with Mathias Cormann, the OECD’s secretary general, in the afternoon. The two discussed using state governance methods to leverage a potential partnership for technical cooperation during the discussion.

The portfolio of infrastructure investments was then presented at a meeting for World Bank Director Axel van Trotsenburg. “It was an extremely fruitful meeting. When it came to assisting with the planning of these projects, Axel made himself available “said the governor. The World Bank also suggested working together to finance projects and provide support for the distribution of resources.

Michael Punke, Amazon’s vice president of global public policy, brought the agenda to a close. With a focus on the advancement of specific technological skills, a cooperation program in the field of education was discussed with the State of So Paulo’s government. It is envisioned that young people who take part in the project will also have the opportunity to work for the enormous retailer. The company’s largest distribution center and one of the most significant data centers are both located in Cajamar, in So Paulo.

Tarcísio de Freitas is on his first overseas mission at the head of the Government of the State of São Paulo accompanied by the Secretary of International Affairs Lucas Ferraz, Arthur Lima, chief secretary of the Civil House, and Lais Vita, Secretary of Communication.

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