Sasol and Sonatrach to produce hydrogen under Hybla Project

Recently, the “Hybla Project” was presented to the major local institutions, several local organisations, and Sasol Italy and Sonatrach Raffineria Italiana at the Sasol factory in Augusta.

The ambitious project seeks to construct a cutting-edge facility with large capacity for the production of hydrogen and “low carbon” syngas that is also equipped to capture and reuse CO2, which will aid in the decarbonization process of the two locations (with a reduction of emissions of around 120,000 tonnes of CO2 per year). The project’s specifics were discussed at the conference, which was also attended by the mayors of Augusta and Melilli, Giuseppe Di Mare and Giuseppe Carta, as well as Francesco Di Sarcina, president of the Port and Sea System Authority of Eastern Sicily.

The project strengthens Sicily’s pivotal position in the development of the European Union’s future hydrogen infrastructure. a region that stands out for its excellent potential for renewable energy sources and, on the other hand, for its advantageous position. The start of a “Furthermore, Sicily’s “hydrogen economy” will serve as a catalyst for the revival of the entire industrial sector by enabling the creation of a value chain that will be able to stimulate a variety of productive industries and the promotion of local hydrogen mobility.

The project, developed in partnership with two major energy operators, will enable the generation of 25,000 tons per year of low-carbon syngas and 7,800 tons per year of low-carbon hydrogen “low-carbon syngas, CO2 collection and re-use, and a reduction in gas emissions of 120,000 tonnes per year.

The project is a crucial step in hastening the development of a Hydrogen Valley in the Sicilian region, which has the potential to be among the biggest in Italy.

The two production sites’ processes will be decarbonized with the help of hydrogen and “low carbon” syngas, both of which can be used to satisfy potential future demands in the region.

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