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Savon Voima and P2X Solutions explore green hydrogen and e-fuels in Joensuu

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Green hydrogen and P2X technology pioneer P2X Solutions and energy business Savon Voima are conducting preliminary studies for the building of a green hydrogen and electrofuels production facility in the Joensuu power plant area of Savon Voima.

The facility would generate up to 15–20 percent of Joensuu’s district heating demands as a byproduct of producing green hydrogen using renewable electricity with a capacity of 30–50 MW.

Green hydrogen is produced in a sustainable manner through the electrolysis of water using renewable electricity. On the other side, electrofuels such as methane, methanol, and ammonia can be refined from green hydrogen by adding carbon dioxide recovered from industrial processes or nitrogen from the air. The approaches support the shift away from fossil fuels, enhance Finland’s energy independence, and bolster the circular economy.

According to preliminary designs, the power plant would have a capacity of 30 to 50 megawatts. The companies have conducted project-related technical studies over the summer, and they want to begin the permit evaluation phase in August. Upon completion of the preparatory research, the corporations may commence preparations for an investment decision.

“Our goal is to build significant new potential for the green transition of industry and transport, and to create possibilities for sustainable investments and new jobs. We see significant synergies in cooperation with Savon Voima, and a possible investment in Joensuu supports the development of the vitality of the Eastern Finland region. Investments in green transition are more relevant day by day, and they must be accelerated to solve the energy crisis at hand and to curb climate change”, says Herkko Plit, CEO of P2X Solutions.

“Hydrogen and its potential in the energy sector has been talked about for years. This is a world-class example of a hydrogen project and circular economy. This is also a project that promotes local strengths and provides employment, and where each actor involved benefits the other. The project, when realized, will be an important piece of Savon Voima’s goal of carbon neutrality. It is a pleasure, together with P2X Solutions and the city of Joensuu, to be a pioneer in Finland in making future visions a reality. In addition, when the carbon dioxide from bioenergy is captured and recycled to produce hydrocarbons, carbon-neutral district heating is created, which our customers from Joensuu can also enjoy after the project is completed”, says Arto Sutinen, CEO of Savon Voima.

“P2X Solutions’ investment plans are a proof of the attractiveness of the Joensuu region and its operators as a location for new generation industrial investments. The introduction of the hydrogen economy into the region contributes to the development of the electricity transmission capacity and business life of the whole of Eastern Finland and opens opportunities for further related investments. The close cooperation between Savon Voima, the city of Joensuu and Business Joensuu shows its strength again with the P2X Solutions project as part of a series of investment news focused on the Biotie business area, which we can expect to continue in the future as well”, says Joensuu City Mayor Kari Karjalainen.

Harjavalta will be the location of P2X Solutions’ and Finland’s first industrial-scale green hydrogen and methane generation facility, with construction commencing in the autumn of 2022. The corporation continues its investigation into the potential locations of further green hydrogen and power-to-x electrical fuel generation facilities. The aim of P2X Solutions is to construct 1,000 MW of electrolysis capacity within the next ten years.

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